Recontextualizing Knowledge: Situation in Science Communication

Mo, 27.03.2017 bis Mi, 29.03.2017 - Tübingen

Wissenschaftliche Konferenz zu neuen (Platt-) Formen, Inhalten und Zielgruppen der Wissenschaftskommunikation. Aus der offiziellen Ankündigung:

Science and knowledge communication are crucial tasks in today’s globalized knowledge societies. Scientists and educators are able to use a multitude of platforms to disseminate knowledge to a wide range of audiences. At the same time, if they want their positions to be heard, they must adapt to the varying situational requirements of these platforms. Ranging from informative podcasts to inspirational TED conferences, immensely popular formats have emerged that require a specific handling of the communicative situation, not least because the audiences have dramatically changed. With this conference, we aim to analyze the rhetorical situations involved in science and knowledge communication, their settings and audiences, and the process of the recontextualization of knowledge for these specific settings and audiences.

The conference Recontextualizing Knowledge wants to explore the audiences and settings of science communication from different points of view: rhetoric and communication studies, empirical approaches from psychology and linguistics, as well as pedagogy or sociology will enter the conversation about the recontextualization of knowledge in Tübingen on March 27-29th 2017

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