Science Communication

17. August 2023 von

“I didn’t even know my work was considered science communication”

How can street art reinforce a sense for environmental issues in local communities? Australian street artist BOHIE and communication scholars Blake Thompson and Dr Anna-Sophie Jürgens reflect on their recent collaborative paper.

30. Juni 2023 von

“A lot of my colleagues from Turkey have to censor themselves.”

Gülay Türkmen, sociologist at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, has had many academic homes. Here she reflects on the scientific communities she experienced in Turkey, the US and Germany, communicating in different languages and her strategy to address sensitive issues.

14. Juni 2023 von Gastbeitrag

Creating Our Future – A national conversation on research in Ireland

How can the public get involved in science? Creating our Future called on people in Ireland to submit ideas for science in 2021. Ciara Cotter of the Science Foundation Ireland reports on the results and themes that emerged from the nationwide survey.

20. April 2023 von , ,

Panoptikum 23-8 #PCST #MaiLab #Misperceptions (EN)

The annual PCST Network meeting, Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim’s resignation from her YouTube channel MaiLab and new research on misperceptions surrounding scientific topics. These and other topics as well as current community event dates are available today in the Panoptikum.

10. Oktober 2022 von

“Community is at the heart of transformation”

How can research be made relevant for the day-to-day life of the people affected? How to support transformative processes in the way we communicate? The “Transformation Project” at Arizona State University, USA, focuses on transformative communication. Marco Dehnert explains its goals.

10. Juni 2022 von

“Diversity makes things better“

Making the invisible visible, not only under the microscope – The project “Microscope Me Up” by Chiara di Ponzio and Francesca Miricola aims to increase the visibility of science and creates an inclusive space celebrating societal diversity. An interview about a special symbiosis between microscopy and makeup art.