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5. Juni 2023 von

“Academic freedom is only in retreat if we retreat”

From the displacement of Ukrainian researchers due to the Russian war, the exclusion of women and girls from the Afghan education system and the silencing of dissenting scholarly voices in Turkey and Syria – the news is full of the violent targeting of academic communities. But there are also more subtle threats at play. Robert […]

30. Mai 2023 von

“Often people communicate despite rather than thanks to the current policy.”

The Dutch Minister for Education, Culture and Science Robbert Dijkgraaf announced a new science communication centre in May 2022. Ionica Smeets and Alex Verkade, the coordinators of the new national centre, recently presented their action plan to the minister. We spoke with Ionica Smeets about the challenges they faced, the data they collected and their […]

26. Mai 2023 von

„In the Arab world, people believe in science“

What are the main issues, challenges and debates in the field of science communication in the Arab world? Are there any differences compared to Western countries? Mohamed Elsonbaty Ramadan, co-founder of the Arab Forum of Science Media and Communication and vice president of the PCST Network, provides an overview of current issues and discussions.

12. Mai 2023 von

„After the workshop the children are proud to speak more than one language“

For ten years, Native Scientists has aimed to break down barriers to science and give migrant children equal opportunities. Joana Moscoso, co-founder and director, talks about the value of language, the feeling of „giving something back“ and her plans for further professionalization.

24. April 2023 von

“There are some specific ingredients that make it a successful project”

The Conversation aims to provide independent, research-based news to the public, written by experts with the support of journalists. An interview with Damian Thompson about the global development of the project over the last ten years and why it is so important to them to reach out to young people in particular.

20. April 2023 von , ,

Panoptikum 23-8 #PCST #MaiLab #Misperceptions (EN)

The annual PCST Network meeting, Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim’s resignation from her YouTube channel MaiLab and new research on misperceptions surrounding scientific topics. These and other topics as well as current community event dates are available today in the Panoptikum.

5. April 2023 von

„Science is not always the solution“

What does science communication look like in Australia? Joan Leach talks about the historical development of the field, professional practice, research, challenging issues, the role of indigenous knowledge – and why she thinks it is often nonsense to talk about trust in science.

15. März 2023 von

“The hegemony of the white, Western paradigm is so glaringly obvious”

The international science communication landscape is still shaped by European centricity and notions of superiority, says the science communicator Elizabeth Rasekoala. In the interview she talks about the normativity of ‘white innocence’, the emancipative ideas of Afrocentricity and the need to recognize different forms of knowledge. 

8. Februar 2023 von ,

The Fine Art of Detecting Sciencewashing: Definition, Consequences, Forms & Prevention

Sciencewashing is a deliberate action to simulate scientific practices or quality assurance to deceive others. It occurs in various areas, e.g., the beauty marketing or the nutritional supplement industry. In this guest article, Stefan T. Siegel and Jannes Terdenge elaborate on the question of what sciencewashing is and why it can be a challenge for […]

6. Januar 2023 von

Communicating health information – tips from an infodemic manager

The COVID-19 pandemic has been accompanied by a rise of information and disinformation online. At the Robert Koch Institute, Sonia Boender is working as an infodemic manager. In our interview, she explains what her role entails, how to communicate about risky subjects on social media and discusses the vaccine emoji project.

10. November 2022 von

“Engaging people in this discussion will increase trust”

Why should citizens evaluate ethical decisions made by autonomous vehicles? An interview with Edmond Awad about six years „Moral Machine“ and the benefits of public engagement and gamification to foster trust in artificial intelligence.

7. November 2022 von

„If research results are not communicated, society will not benefit“

In 2022, the Swedish science communication organisation Vetenskap & Allmänhet (Public & Science) is celebrating its 20-year anniversary. Cissi Askwall, VA’s Secretary General, looks back at the successes and challenges of the past 20 years and speaks about goals and wishes for the future.

26. Oktober 2022 von

“Tea is the key to building a community”

A journal club initiative, where early career researchers serve up mugs of ReproducibiliTea in blends of transparency and openness. Co-founders Sophia Crüwell and Sam Parsons reflect on the global spread of their initiative and the importance of CommuniTea.

25. Oktober 2022 von

„We have to be honest about the uncertainty“

How is it possible to identify an expert in a certain field? Which obligations do scientists, journalists and lay people have in the process of science communication? The philosopher George Kwasi Barimah brings in some clues from social epistemology.

10. Oktober 2022 von

“Community is at the heart of transformation”

How can research be made relevant for the day-to-day life of the people affected? How to support transformative processes in the way we communicate? The “Transformation Project” at Arizona State University, USA, focuses on transformative communication. Marco Dehnert explains its goals.

9. September 2022 von

“It is about stopping misinformation from Cranky Uncles”

Stop misinformation by learning the technique behind it – Through the smartphone game „Cranky Uncle“ players are taught, with a lot of humor, how to spread misinformation effectively. An interview with the developer and founder of Skeptical Science John Cook, about the power of humor, the inoculation theory and dogs in the game.